quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

Exposição "Arte Cidadã V" - Câmara dos Deputados - Brasília - Brasil

Exposição com os 5 artistas plásticos selecionados pela Câmara dos Deputados
Obras da série: " Mulheres de Marte" exclusivamente concebidas para esta exposição

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  1. The research staff, disruptive expressive need, the care of the item and the overall view balance each other in the representation of the soul of the artist, his aspirations and his conditioning.
    Not a language, but a thousand languages ​​are spoken from his works. Not a thousand meanings, but only one, everything reassembled in a carefully constructed and made from polyhedral own interpretation of reality.
    Here, then, prove to be the true essence of the work of this artist: a complex and ultra-rational representation of art, underlying the emotional strength that makes it noticeable and powerful expressive ability.Babette Villenueve